Session Documentation


S2 S3


Ballroom Digital Interfaces and the Museum Experience AR/VR/
Mixes Realities
Activism in DH Access & Accessi-bility

B&L Parlor

Digital Pedagogy Multispectral Imaging Digital Guidelines and/for Sustainability Digital Librarian-ship

Lovejoy Parlor

Undergrad Project Showcase Undergrad Project Showcase


Ballroom Session 1: Digital Interfaces and the Museum Experience

Ballroom Session 2: AR/VR/Mixed Realities

Ballroom Session 3: Activism DH

Ballroom Session 4: Access and Accessibilty

Bausch & Lomb Parlor Session 1: Digital Pegagogy

Bausch & Lomb Parlor Session 2: Multispectral Imaging

Bausch & Lomb Parlor Session 3: Digital Guidelines and/for Sustainability

Bausch & Lomb Parlor Session 4: Digital Librarianship

Lovejoy Parlor Session 1-2: Undergraduate Project Showcase

Lovejoy Parlor Session 3

Lovejoy Parlor Session 4