Confirmed Campers

Kirk Anne, SUNY Geneseo
Emma Baker, University of Rochester
Jim Barbero, University of Rochester
Amy Bocko, Emerson College
Camden Burd, University of Rochester
Mandy Cameron, Rochester Institute of Technology
Andrew Cappetta, Memorial Art Gallery
Tamar Carroll, Rochester Institute of Technology
Alicia Chester, University of Rochester
Peter Christensen, University of Rochester
Helen Davies, University of Rochester
Greg Decker, Rochester Institute of Technology
Juilee Decker, Rochester Institute of Technology
Rebecca DeRoo, Rochester Institute of Technology
Joe Easterly, University of Rochester
Roger Easton, Rochester Institute of Technology
Morris Eaves, University of Rochester
Tali Flatté, University of Rochester
John Gallagher, University of Rochester
Joe Geigel, Rochester Institute of Technology
Robert Glick, Rochester Institute of Technology
Nicholas Gresens, University of Rochester
Jiangtao (Harry) Gu, University of Rochester
Tony Harkin, Rochester Institute of Technology
YJ Han, University of Rochester
Ben Hockenberry, St. John Fisher College
Qianhui Hong, University of Rochester
Kyle Huskin, University of Rochester
Kayla Jackson, Rochester Institute of Technology
Michael Jarvis, University of Rochester
Eboni Jones, Memorial Art Gallery/Rochester Institute of Technology
Reed Jones, University at Buffalo
Lu Harper, Memorial Art Gallery
Lisa Hermsen, Rochester Institute of Technology
Eleni Kallinos, University of Rochester
Tania Kleynhans, Rochester Institute of Technology

Jessica Lieberman, Rochester Institute of Technology
Yilin Luo, University of Rochester
Andrew Mancuso, Case Western Reserve University
Jason Markins, Syracuse University
Daniel Menzo, University of Rochester
Lara Nicosia, Rochester Institute of Technology
Samantha Perricci, Rochester Institute of Technology

Michael Phelps, Early Manuscripts Electronic Library
Kamryn Phillips, University of Rochester
Louisa Potthast, University of Rochester
Shelby Preston, University of Rochester
Yue Quan, University of Rochester
James Rankine, University of Rochester
Josh Romphf, University of Rochester
Erica Sanko, George Eastman Museum
Jeremy Sarachan, St. John Fisher College
Paul Schacht, SUNY Geneseo/Digital Thoreau
Corinna Schlombs, Rochester Institute of Technology
Jonathan Schroeder, Rochester Institute of Technology
Grace Seiberling, University of Rochester
Oishani Sengupta, University of Rochester
Emily Sherwood, University of Rochester
Wendi Sierra,  St. John Fisher College
Kaitlin Stack Whitney, Rochester Institute of Technology
Patrick Sullivan, University of Rochester
Bonnie Swoger, Rochester Institute of Technology
Jane Sylvester, University of Rochester
M. Kristana Textor, University of Rochester
Alison Thompson, University of Rochester
Sarah Thompson, Rochester Institute of Technology
Blair Tinker, University of Rochester
Kristen Totleben, University of Rochester
Julia Tulke, University of Rochester
Alan Unsworth, University of Rochester
Anna Vernacchio, Rochester Institute of Technology
Ella von Holtum, Rochester Institute of Technology
Rebekah Walker, Rochester Institute of Technology
Yuting Wang, University of Rochester
Noah Wilson, SUNY Geneseo
Daniel Worden, Rochester Institute of Technology
Lisa Wright, University of Rochester
Bryce Yahn, University of Rochester
Candice Yates, University of Rochester

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