DH Projects: Practical (and Valuable) Considerations

How do you know if a digital humanities project is right for you, your research, or your classroom? How do you find appropriate resources that will allow you to carry out your work and convey it clearly to others? What options are available to help you learn a new technology or level-up your skills?  Join two librarians for a discussion about how to determine what you can do with your research, how you can effectively support student projects, and what tool (or tools) will allow you to create something engaging and sustainable. This discussion will also cover practical considerations for project planning such as long-term sustainability, data management, and setting realistic goals both for student projects and your own.

Presentation will be displayed via Texture Writer for interactivity and to incite discussion. Bring any project ideas or questions you have or examples of working successfully (or not so successfully) with people at all levels of the academic world!


  • Rebekah Walker, Digital Humanities and Social Sciences Librarian, Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT)
  • Lara Nicosia, College of Liberal Arts Liaison/Librarian, Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT)
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About Rebekah Walker

I am a librarian at RIT and new to the Rochester area. I am interested in implementing digital assignments across the curriculum and helping academic institutions build projects that engage and benefit the public.

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